Driving Tips to Teach Your Kids

February 18th, 2019 by

If you are the proud parent of a teenager, there isn’t much time before your child is behind the wheel themselves. This is likely a bittersweet feeling, as you are proud of the adult they are becoming but you also want them to stay safe and make the right choices. Our Acura dealer near Highland Park wants to help you and your entire family stay safe on the roads at all points throughout the year.

When you are teaching your kids the rules of the road, make sure to mention the following:

Find the Right Place to Learn

Once your child has their driving permit, take them to an empty parking lot so they aren’t driving in a high-stress situation. This will put both you and your child at ease. The fewer obstacles, the better in this situation. Once your kid is doing well in the empty parking lot, go back another day when it is raining or snowing so they are exposed to less-than-ideal conditions.

Keep Practice Sessions Concise

Your child is a teenager after all, so you don’t want to take them out for hours at a time. They will quickly lose patience and interest in learning. Keep sessions shorts; anywhere from 15-30 minutes will be the most beneficial.

Slowly Increase Difficulty

Slowly start to let your child drive on regular roads. Start with residential neighborhoods and graduate to busier streets and eventually the highway.

Before you know it, your kid will be navigating the roads with confidence. If you or your family need a vehicle to drive, visit our Acura dealer near Highland Park today.

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