Taking Care of Your New Acura in Lake Forest, Il

September 16th, 2018 by

Once you’ve purchased anew Acura in Lake Forest, Il, it is important that you take the proper steps that will help keep your car in good shape! Simple tasks can go a long way in making sure both the inside and outside of your car stays in good shape. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Check and Change the Oil

On average, your oil should be changed every 3,000 miles in order to continue to work properly. It is a good idea of getting in the habit of checking your oil every month to see if you notice any leaks. If you notice something is off, make sure to schedule service as soon as possible!

Check Tire Air Pressure

Checking the air pressure of your new Acura in Lake Forest, Il is an important step to take. It is especially important to do so before a long road trip. Try to check your tire pressure when the tires are cold, meaning the vehicle has not yet been driven. You can also invest in a digital tire-pressure gauge to give you an accurate reading.

Wash the Exterior and Interior

Not only should your car function well, but it should look good as well! Wash and wax the car as necessary and remove any built-up dirt or mud. Taking the car for a professional wash once in a while is also a good idea.

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