Why Lease an Acura?

When you lease an Acura, you get worry-free transportation and get to drive a new car you love. There are plenty of benefits to leasing an Acura.

  • Lower initial out-of-pocket costs
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • No upfront sales tax to pay
  • Lower monthly payments
  • You can drive a new car every few years

The Purpose of Leasing

In the past, car leasing was something companies did to put their sales force in new cars. It helped the company not have to deal with owning the vehicle or having to worry about paying for maintenance or other issues that may arise because, with a lease, the majority of the maintenance and most repairs are covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. Basically, the company had worry-free cars and when the car reached a certain mileage as agreed upon in the lease contract or a certain number of years, usually two or three, the car went back to the dealership and the company selected new cars.

How Leasing Benefits You

If you like new technology and love that new car smell, leasing is a good choice. In leasing a car, you get to drive the newest Acura on the market. All the innovative technology is available in your new car. Your monthly payments are lower because you’re only paying for the car for the time you are in the lease, not for the life of the car. You don’t have to pay upfront sales tax and your maintenance costs are next to nothing. Your new Acura is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.