Why Purchase a New Acura?

Ask any owner why they purchased their Acura and you will get a variety of answers. From its sporty looks to retaining its high value and from its economic savings on gas to easy maintenance, you will find many reasons people chose an Acura.

A Smart Financial Decision

In today’s economy, gas savings and low maintenance costs are big reasons for buying a new Acura. When you purchase a new Acura as opposed to leasing one, you own it. Paying cash outright gives you immediate ownership and even if you finance it, you earn equity with each payment. When the car is completely paid off, you have something of value to continue to drive, sell or trade-in. You won’t continue paying for a car to drive like you would do if you were leasing it.

Go Where You Want with Unlimited Miles

Another benefit of purchasing a new Acura is you aren’t limited in the number of miles you put on the car each year. In leasing, you do have mileage limits and have to pay for overages. In owning or financing a new Acura, you can set out on the open road to your next adventure and you won’t have to worry about accruing high mileage.

Full Customization Is Yours

When you purchase a new Acura, you have the freedom to customize it as you see fit. It’s yours to do whatever you would like, such as tinting windows and installing custom wheels.