Winter Car Must-Haves

December 21st, 2018 by

Between the ice, snow, rain, and wind, the winter can be a difficult and dangerous time to drive. A large part of your safety while you are driving is having a car that is well-suited to navigate the wintery roads. When you visit your nearest Acura dealer in Highland Park, you will have a wide variety of winter cars from which you can choose.

Here are some qualities of a winter car that you should have to safely and confidently navigate the roads.

Winter Tires

Just as they sound, winter tires are designed specifically to navigate the winter roads. They are made from a soft rubber compound and can help you navigate slush, snow or unexpected patches of ice. The tread is also thicker, so they have an easier time gripping into the snow. If your current car does not have winter tires, it is an easy switch!

A Good Defroster

You want to be able to hop into your car and drive when you need to get somewhere, so you don’t want to have to wait for your windshield to clear up. An efficient defroster will cut down on waiting time before you drive and make sure that you can see everything that you need to.

4-Wheel Drive

Navigating the slick roads is easier when you have the option of 4-wheel drive. This means that the transmission system delivers power to all four wheels of your vehicle.

Before snow falls again, make sure you stop by your nearest Acura dealer in Highland Park to browse all of our winter-friendly cars!

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